Font Shop, Font Works & Atomic Type

Font Shop, Font Works and Atomic Type combined in a project to celebrate the variety of letterforms throughout printing history. With 26 capital letters and 26 lower case in the English alphabet. How come nobody’s produced a 52-page typographic calendar before?

We asked 52 well known creatives to choose a favourite character, then say why they chose that one.
26x26_01 26x26_02 26x26_03
26x26_04 26x26_05 26x26_06
26x26_07 bbc_wildlife_fund_gorilla_8 bbc_wildlife_fund_gorilla_9
atomic_type_26x26_01 atomic_type_26x26_02
atomic_type_26x26_03 atomic_type_26x26_04
string_calendar_05 string_calendar_06
atomic_type_26x26_07 atomic_type_26x26_08


Art Directors ClubMerit
CLIO AwardsShortlisted
Fresh AwardsGold
Shark AwardsBronze

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